Durston Ring Bending Machine
Durston Ring Bending Machine

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owidctlparqjlang1024kerning28f0fs18u9679?lang1033f1 Includes 7 set of dies (5 rounds, 1 square, 1 rhombus).par
lang1024f0u9679?lang1033f1 The dies are hardened and polished.par
lang1024f0u9679?lang1033f1 Superior precision made for great performance. Dies line up perfectly together.par
lang1024f0u9679?lang1033f1 Base holder can be bolted to your bench or mounted in bench vice with supplied attachment.par
lang1024f0u9679?lang1033f1 Supplied in a 200mm diameter base with carry handles.par

CodeDescriptionSize/DiameterColourStyleAvailabilityPrice inc GSTQty
15-150-200Durston Ring Bending MachineIn Stock$517.00

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